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This is a hobby site for the brilliant and creative, but otherwise fashion impaired Patric L. Rogers.

Last updated January 2012.

My day job has kept me very busy.  I do continue to write, however.  Luckily for me, my cat Sydney managed the site for nearly ten years until Fall of 2008 when she left this realm and launched herself into her next great adventure. 

Here is the complete selection of d20 OGC that I have authored or edited (sometimes the line blurs).  Some of these are still in draft form, so enjoy the raw layout and designer notes littered throughout :-)

A Collection of d20 OGC by Patric L. Rogers   "The Big Book" draft 0.321

Abbatraxellion - Spirit Armor of Winslow Heavyarm

The Adventuring Sage -- core class and sourcebook

A Wizard's Guide to Size Changing

Bartleby Tiberius Pheight character and sourcebook

Bolter and Plasma Flamer high-tech weapons

A Compilation of Magic Items Group 1

Dead Fire adventure and sourcebook (screen edition)

Dead Thom (d20 4e) is my lense that lets me find peace with d20 4e (RPGA event table handout)

Dead Thom's Crossbow from the original 3.5e version of Dead Thom

Domestic Golem

Eldritch Ratfolk

Enhanced Abjuration Feats enhancing the defensive school

Extra Smite Feat  for paladins

Fellderu prestige class and sourcebook

Gauntlets of the Rapture magic gloves made from donated angel feathers

Half-Genie Creature Template (Revised) mortal children of the jann, djinn, and efreet

Ki Warrior (Revised)  prestige class -  a great path for monks

The Lands of Arekoz - my unofficial support site for this campaign setting that I contributed to when Dark Portal Games, Inc., was still around.

Limited Liquifaction Spell allows a caster to transform into a water-like liquid

Miscellaneous Magic Items by Mark Mills and Patric L. Rogers

Nikos Everblade, Dwarven Summoner a character and application of rules

Prestige Races Revised  adapted and updated from the Oathbound campaign setting

Ring of Divine Service by Rick Lewis  and Patric L. Rogers

Ring of Substitution by Rick Lewis and Patric L. Rogers

Shuriken Mail Yep, scale mail made from magical shuriken

Soak it Like a Fighter A collection of feats and tips for making anyone (especially warrior-types) even more durable

Unconventional Combat -- A Digestive Guide to Close Personal Fighting Humorous, but surprisingly useful - especially for monsters

Winslow Heavyarm character and sourcebook

And because WOTC no longer offers it, here is the complete version 3.5 d20 SRD.

Please sponsor and support and help me continue writing.

Enjoy selected site content:

The most active section of the site, Morpheus Unbound is my general purpose playground for role-playing game development - d20, Villains & Vigilantes, Shadowrun, GURPS, more 

The art gallery displays all the works for which I have artist permission to use their works on my site. I appreciate their permission and so collected all this great art into an easy to view gallery.

I have had the good forture to  be involved in play-by-email games. These are both more flexible and more challenging than traditional face-to-face games.  This site covers my experiences with three different PBeM campaigns.
(No longer updated.)

,I enjoyed a weekly  table-top superhero RPG  campaign with some friends back in the 1990s. This is a site dedicated to that game and named in homage to Brian Wong, the originator of both the setting and this play group.
(No longer updated.)

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