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Earth Under Siege

The Legion Aliens

The Legion are the alien race which invaded Earth in the Earth Under Siege campaign setting by Morpheus Unbound.

Physiology:  The Legion aliens are silicon based lifeforms from a Hell like planet.  The planet has a gravitiy of 1.7 G, a corrosive atmosphere with constant raging storms and heavy mineral deposits.Image by StarChilde Publications

The typical Legion stands between ten and twelve feet tall and has a powerful muscular build.  They have short, powerful tails and foot-long claws on each of their four fingers.  They are clearly humanoid - two arms, two legs and a long thick neck ending in a dragon-like head.  Legion have three sexes analogous to male, female and incubator.  The incubator carries the fertilized ovum for 21 weeks, at which time it gives live birth to a litter of one to five young Legion aliens.  The Legion mature and age at about the same rate as humans.

Legion are ST +20, DX +3, IQ +1, HT +5.  They have the following racial Advantages:  Acceleration Tolerance, Claws (Long), Combat Reflexes, Damage Resistance +6, Extra Hit Points +4, Hard to Kill +2, High Pain Threshold, Improved G-Tolerance +2, Very Rapid Healing.  They have the following racial Disadvantages: Bloodlust, Intolerance, Legion Psychology.  In the human-dominated Earth Under Siege campaign setting, they suffer the following additional Disadvantages:  Appearance (Ugly), Duty (Soldier, extremely hazardous, 12 or less, involuntary), Fanaticism (-10 points, conquer the humans and exploit the Earth), Inconvenient Size (over 1000 pounds, over 8 f .eet tall, but only when outside the Legion citystates which are designed for them (×1/2)), Reputation -4 (other species quickly become familiar with thier intolerant, genocidal policies).

Psychology:  Anything not Legion is prey.  Legion are natural predators and have a foul disposition to anything not Legion.  Through some form of (possibily telepathic) communal instinct, all Legion get along with each other perfectly, and their group dynamics are fluid.  In any group of Legion, there will always be a leader of some sort.  However, which member is the leader is fluid, but it is always the member best able to lead under the circumstances.  All other Legion defer to this leader while he is the leader.  If the situation changes and a new leader is required, the group leader changes automatically and without any need for negotiation or communication among the members.  All simply and automatically understand who is the new leader and all automatical follow that leader without question.

Special Notes:  Legion Mutants (65 point Unusual Background) have 1d6 × 100 "bonus points" to spend on any of the following Super-Advantages:  Absorption, Damage Resistance, Invulnerability, Enhanced Move, Extra Fatigue, Extra Hit Points, Hard to Kill, Increased Strength, Passive Defense, Regeneration, Super-Jumping, Super-Running.  The Unusual Background cost must be paid from their "bonus points".Image by StarChilde Publications

Legion Supers (105 point Unusual Background) have 2d6 × 100 "bonus points" to spend on any Advantage, Super-Advantage, Super-Power, Skill, Super-Skill, Psionic power or Psionic Skill.  They still cannot learn magic or have the Magery Advantage.  The Unusual Background cost must be paid from their "bonus points".

Acknowledgements:  The Legion aliens presented here were inspired by, and modeled after, the character "Legion" appearing in StarChilde Publications' The Insidious Campaign, written by Jim Adams.  

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