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Chuck Brewer
Character created by Patric Rogers, January 1996, and very loosely based on the real Chuck Brewer

ST 460 (390 points)
DX 13 (30 points)
IQ 13 (30 points)
HT 13 (30 points)

Damage: Thrust 45d, Swing 47d, Punch 45d-2, Kick 45d, Speed 6.5, Move 8, Fatigue 76
Appearance: white, male, 5'7", 160 lbs. (very dense muscles)
Total Points: 555

Unusual Background: Super (50 points)
Wealth (10 points)

Enemy: Various criminal organizations who want to use him or gain revenge against him, 9- (-30 points)
Pacifism: Self-defense only (-15 points)
Secret: He's the strongest man on the planet (-5 points)
Skinny (-10 points)

Super Advantages
Damage Resistance +5 (15 points)

Driving (Stock Car)-15 (8 points), Judo-16 (24 points), Jumping-14 (1 point), Running-14 (8 points)
Accounting-16 (10 points), Administration-15 (6 points), Computer Operation-14 (2 points), Merchant-15 (6 points)

Never shows his frustration
Travels every weekend
Carries his cellular phone everywhere; doesn't have a regular phone
Enjoys role-playing games
Wants to finish college someday


     In 1995 Chuck Brewer was a normal guy. He almost finished college, then went to work for Burger King as a manager. He enjoyed his work at Burger King, as it was not very difficult and since he was smarter than all his co-workers, he got respect. He didn't need much, so the money paid all his bills. As a small guy, he got picked on a lot. That all changed the day he got sick from eating too many burgers over the months. It must have been something in the food, a preservative that doesn't affect anyone else. However, in Chuck's system, the chemical built up until it activated his meta-genes. At first, Chuck thought his super strength was a gift from God. He could bend steel bars, lift cars, unstick child-proof caps, throw a baseball a mile, and all those great things. But his strength kept increasing, and Chuck discovered the negative side effects of super-strength: smashing holes in walls just by bumping into them, crushing someone's hand to a pulp by shaking it, throwing a baseball thirty miles and killing a cow that just happens to be in the way, and all those horrible things. Supertemps actively tried to recruit him for a long time, but backed off when he threated legal action for harrassment.  Finally, after he spent two sleepless weeks as a volunteer helping clean up after the Oklahoma City bombing and looking for survivors, Chuck agreed to join Supertemps full-time.

Campaign Role

     Chuck is one of those "normal supers". He doesn't run around in a flamboyant costume, and he only rarely uses his strength for extraordinary feats. He is very service oriented, however, and can often be found helping to clear debris after accidents or natural disasters. Sometimes, if he sees a car stuck in the ditch, he'll stop and pull it out.  


      Chuck is a basically a good guy. Sometimes his quirks get annoying, but he cares for his friends and wants to enjoy life. He is extremely careful about how he moves and how his strength might affect the world around him. He really has no idea how strong he is, and doesn't care to find out.


     He's the strongest man in the world. His strength is constantly increasing and at least half of his earned character points should go to strength.

Battle Tactics

      Yeah, right. Chuck used to look forward to a little rough-and-tumble, but since developing his super strength, Chuck has become a pacifist. He did study Judo, however, so that on the occasions when the criminal group "recruiters" came around, he could subdue them without killing them. To date, he has only used his full strength once: he punched the Blue Demon when it ravaged Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA), after a series of serial murders attracted its attention. (Note: The Blue Demon was "killed" by the punch.)

Adventure Seed

      Chuck gets captured by a criminal organization which hopes to use his great strength. The criminals have a simple plan: take Chuck and one of his co-workers prisoner at gun-point. Sure, Chuck's super-enhanced muscles provide him a little protection, but not much, and certainly his co-worker is not bullet proof. As long as the criminals have a hostage, Chuck will reluctantly agree to their demands, but all the while will be scheming to rescue his co-worker and alert the police.

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