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Project: Legion Earth
Designers: Morpheus Unbound
Member Cluster: Any, but see below
Worlds: I.S.T. Earth, Meeranon homeworld, Legion homeworld, see GURPS I.S.T. sourcebook for others
Genre: Supers, SF Horror
Baseline: I.S.T. Earth A.D. 2010, invaded by Legion Jan. 1, A.D. 2000.

Entering the dimension is relatively easy. Outgoing access to other dimensions, including hyperspace, is almost impossible except via magic. Because magic is not very common, most inhabitants of this dimension believe transdimensional travel is impossible (a belief supported by Physics).

Tech Level Range: Humans: up to TL9 weapons and communications, up to TL8 otherwise; Meeranon: upto TL10 medical, up to TL9 otherwise; Legion (on Earth): TL11
Maximum Tech Level: TL14
Exced Max Tech: Devices stop working.
Special Notes: Space travel is via Warp Drive, a technology which exploits non-Einsteinian physics, but does not cross dimensional barriers.  Meeranon warp drive has a speed of 0.02 pc per day (non-relativistic), and is limited as noted in GURPS I.S.T..  Legion warp drive has a speed of 2.2 pc per day (non-relativistic) and has no limitations on vehicle size.

Magic systems: All GURPS sourcebooks allowed
Mana Level: Standard, high and low mana areas exist. On Earth, all Legion Citystates are low mana areas.
Magic Restrictions:  Knowledge of magic among Humans and Merranon is extremely rare (Unusual Background) and is completely unknwon to the Legion (they don't even have theories about it).
Special Notes: Legion aliens are completely unable to use magic.

Indiginous levels: Telepathy is common among the Legion; all Meeranon are telepathic; telepahty and teleportation are common among Humans.
Max Level: n/a
Psionic Restrictions:  See Unusual Background costs.
Special Notes: None

"They said invading the Earth would be easy."
"They were right."
"They said the humans would lay down and die."
"They lied."
In an ultimate irony they could never appreciate on New Year's Eve Day, A.D. 2000 as millions of people around the Earth celebrated the end of one millenium and the beginning of the next, the Legion attacked. Their attack began by launching a dozen multiple warhead antimatter missiles from deep space. The missiles entered the Earth's atmosphere from above the North Pole and spread out from there. Within minutes the bus missiles had launched submunitions. Within one hour, 17 of Earth's largest centers of finance, politices and culture had vanished forever. (It would have been 18, but a Brazillian kamikaze pilot managed to destroy the missile headed for Sao Paolo.)
Twenty-four hours later, seven Legion city-ships - massive vehicles six miles across and carrying millions of Legion aliens - landed in the ruins of the Earth cities.
The war had begun.

In 1990, a Meeranar diplomat discovered Earth and later that year a peace and trade agreement was signed.  In 1998, a Meeranar diplomat landed on the Legion homeworld. He died a slow, horrible death. Later that year, the Legion discovered the Meeranar homeworld.  Through desperate maneuvering and political strategy, the Meeranar managed to convince the Legion they were more powerful than they were. Through the most subtle and devious methods a few highly placed Meeranar leaders pointed the Legion at Earth, convincing the Legion that they Humans were relatively weak and harmless. The Meeranar, of course, were well aware of how many powerful superbeings the Earthlings had and hoped that the Legion would become embroiled in a bitter struggle with the Humans. Once that struggle had begun, the unscrupulous Meeranar leaders used the "attack on our Human allies" as a reason to launch an attack against the Legion.  Though the technology of the Legion is significantly greater than that of either the Meeranar or the Humans, the Legion are outnumbered about 1000-to-1.
The Humans of course know none of this. They have had very little contact with the Meeranar since the assault, as the Legion have blocaded the Earth. One thing the humans don't know is that they are winning the war.  It's a bloody tenuous position which could be unbalanced, but overall the humans are winning. Naturally, since they can do very little damage to the Legion inside their massive city-ships, they believe they are losing.
Multi-Planar: As noted above, travel out is nearly impossible except via magic, travel in is normal.  There are many beings who have travelled in and appear on Earth.
Spacefaring: Warp Drive as noted above.  No Jump Drive or Hyperspace Drive.
Other: There are a number of Unusual Background costs associated with various abilities, Advantages and Powers.
Condition Unusual Background Cost
Human or Meeranar Mage 25 points + Magery (if any)
Meeranar Telepath 0 points (required power, see GURPS I.S.T.)
Human Psi (Telepathy or Teleportation) or Meeranar with any other Psi power 20 points
Human Psi (any powers other than, or in addition to, Telepathy or Teleportation) 25 points
Human Meta (can purchase Super-Ads and Super-Powers) 30 points
Trained by a Master 40 points
Human Super (umbrella category which automatically includes all above Unusual Backgrounds at no additional cost). 50 points
Meeranar Super (as Human Super) or Legion "mutant" (see Legion write-up) 65 points
Legion Super (as Human Super) 105 points

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